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  1. Optimale

    Optimale helps you optimize every oportunity with a superior lubrication system including desensitizer and delay creams or sprays.

  2. ID Lubricants

    For those who want to experience new, different and wild sensations comes a new line of ID Lubricants that will fill you with pleasure.

  3. PWD Brands

    There's a reason PWD has made a name for them self around the world for having the best multi-purpose solvent cleaner available for decades.

  4. Elbow Grease

    When you’ve got a tough job, just use a little Elbow Grease! Elbow Grease cream lubricant has been around since the sexual revolution and continues to revolutionize sex.

  5. PJUR Man

    Developed with strict attention paid to not only to slickness, but to feel, Pjur lube is a favorite for those who give and receive.


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Buy Multi-purpose Solvent Cleaners Online from a Trusted Source

So much is wrapped up in a cleaner. When it comes to memories, our minds build a stronger association with a cleaner than any of our other senses.  Aromatherapy is a popular around the world and is known for creating tranquil and serene environments using only the best quality multi-purpose solvent cleaners. Poppers offer people a sensual way to relax and blow off a little steam while cleaning. A multi-purpose cleaner can completely change a room to a clean space, so unwind with Poppers Express. We’ve got some of the popular brands of poppers nitrite odorants from around the world.

Don’t be scammed by other sites offering the same poppers products but shipping imitation odorants. At Poppers Express we stand behind every product we sell. We’re your source for some of the best lubes and multi-purpose solvent cleaners available anywhere. Shop our selection of poppers aromas and lubes to find high quality products you can rely on for a good cleaning, any time! We carry some of the most popular poppers brands including PWD Rush poppers, Hardware, Locker Room, Quicksilver, Super Rush, Amsterdam poppers, Jungle Juice Platinum poppers, Blue Boy liquid incense, Jungle Juice Black Label poppers and more! 

In addition to champagne and party poppers, get some multi-purpose solvent cleaners so you will be ready for your next soirée. So come on, let Poppers Express help you relax and slip into a more comfortable environment and frame of mind after helping you clean your space.